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Department of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences, earlier known as the English Department  in the 1960s has flourished side by side with the Engineering Faculties. The objective of the courses in this Department is to offset the uniformity of perception and outlook that results from early specialization in a technical field. It has a diversified teaching program, and is a supporting Department. It conducts courses in Communication Skills, English Composition and Writing, Technical Writing, Technical Report Writing, Functional English, Spoken English, Industrial and Engineering Economics, Project Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Economics for Planners, Entrepreneurship and Leadership and other Management subjects. Since Engineers are responsible members of commercial enterprises and technical organizations of a relatively high caliber, these disciplines help them to perform better as professionals and become high achievers in their respective fields.

In today’s modern world connected by the internet, the need of Communication Skills cannot be over-emphasized. In the  global market today, this is one of the most important skills prospective employers look for.  This subject is taught in all the degree awarding departments both in Engineering and Architecture Faculties.  Apart from this, a special course in Spoken English  is also conducted as a refresher course for first year students to improve their skills as competent communicators and presenters in business and social environment.

The Department has eleven faculty members, almost all the Lecturers are pursuing their higher studies.